With years of experience and user feedback, we created a range of sharpening products. Bacher Tools meet the needs of even the most demanding customers.

Bacher knife sharpeners offer outstanding, innovative construction, modern technologies, and the highest quality materials. This allows us to launch a solid, functional and easy to use products for the demanding markets.

Bacher brand sharpeners and accessories are designed to meet the individual needs of customers. They will be an effective and reliable solution for home, outdoor, workshop, restaurant and barbershops. Bring your edge to the next level.

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Leather strops

A simple and effective solution designed for the final stage of sharpening. Soft, vegetable-tanned Juchten leather on a hard and durable beechwood. Allows you to polish the cutting edge with precision and achieve the greatest sharpness of a knife, razor or scissors. An indispensable attribute of every barber!

Sharpening stones

Whetstones and oilstones quickly restore the blade to the desired sharpness, making knife-intensive operations easy and enjoyable. Different grits and sizes allow you to choose a stone that fits your individual needs. Sharpening stones are ideal for kitchen knives, outdoor knives, EDC knives and machetes. The uncomplicated and extremely effective sharpening process makes them the most popular choice.

Polishing pastes

The use of honing compound strengthens the polishing effect on the leather belt. It gives the blade a mirror-like smoothness and high gloss,. It also prevents the formation of discolouration and rust. Stropped knives become so sharp that they can cut through a hair in the air. We design our stropping pastes especially for leather stropping. They are soft and contain a leather conditioner. Packed in ecological, easy to use push-up paper tubes.

That’s not all. Soon you will know the full range of products that will make your knives perfectly sharp!

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