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Double-sided leather strop for polishing knives, with a set of honing compounds

Double-sided leather strop for polishing knives, with a set of honing compounds

The leather strop is an accessory that allows you to thoroughly polish the blade after sharpening. The strop is handmade from 3mm thick vegetable-tanned cowhide, mounted on a hard and durable beechwood base. The strop, together with the accompanying set of four polishing pastes and balm, makes a practical set for the final stage of the sharpening process.

Our leather strops are FSC® certified!

This means that when you choose a Bacher strop, you can be sure that the wood used in its  manufacture has been harvested and processed in accordance with responsible forest management. A product with the FSC® mark meets the highest environmental and social standards, and by choosing it you are helping to protect the world's forests!

The leather strop allows you to precisely polish the edge of your knife, razor or even scissors to achieve maximum sharpness. The use of polishing paste enhances the polishing effect, giving the blade a mirror-like smoothness and high lustre, as well as preventing discolouration and rusting. By polishing the blade, we remove all the scratches and burrs created during sharpening.

The strop has a smooth side and a rough side, allowing you to adapt this accessory to the user's preference. The solid handle ensures comfort when working. The strop is universal and very easy to use. Can be used to polish all types of kitchen knives, hunting knives, pocket knives, razors, chisels and any other tool that requires a sharp edge.

The set includes: a double-sided leather strop for polishing on a beech wood board with a handle and the possibility of hanging, a set of four honing compounds with different gradations and a softening balm.

The pastes have been specially developed for use on leather belts. They are soft and easy to use. The lanolin and beeswax contained in the paste soften and nourish the leather, giving excellent results when polishing the blade.

How to use:

  1. Apply the paste of your choice to one or both sides of the leather. Most commonly, white paste is used on the rough side of the leather and green on the smooth side, but the choice depends on individual preference. You can also use the smooth side without paste.
  2. Make a few movements by moving the blade "away from you", maintaining the appropriate angle of inclination.
  3. Repeat the same steps on the other side of the blade.


  • Material: natural cowhide, beech wood
  • Total length: 32 cm
  • Total width: 6 cm
  • Total height: 2 cm
  • Length of the working area: 20 cm
  • Working area width: 5.6 cm

Honing compounds gradation:

  • red - medium (medium) 2000; 4-5 microns
  • white - low (fine) 5000; 2.0-2.5 microns
  • green - very fine 8000; 0.9-1.1 microns
  • black - ultra low (ultra fine) 12000; 0.4- 0.6 microns

Paste weight: 7g/pcs.

Balm 5ml - nourishes and softens the leather

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