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Leather shaving strop with set of honing compounds and case, long

Leather shaving strop with set of honing compounds and case, long

Bacher's classic natural cowhide belt is a professional tool for smoothing, polishing and sharpening razors in the barbershop and at home. Belt grinds the edge of the razor, making it perfectly sharp and ready for use. Recommended for smoothing the razor before each use and for cleaning the blade after shaving. Regular use will keep your razor in perfect condition for many years.

To sharpen a razor on a belt, we recommend using the polishing pastes included in the set, which will give the blade a mirror-like smoothness and high shine. To keep the belt in perfect condition for a long time, it is worth using the balm included in the set, which contains lanolin and beeswax to soften and nourish the leather, allowing you to achieve excellent results when polishing the blade.

The belt has a comfortable handle on one side and a snap hook on the other. The carabiner also allows you to attach the belt anywhere, including your trouser belt. A hook for wall mounting is included. The length and width of the belt ensure a comfortable shaving experience, and the nickel-plated carabiner and handle ensure easy attachment and correct tension. Everything is packed in the original, sturdy case with the Bacher logo for safe storage and transport.

The razor sharpening and polishing set is perfect not only for professional barbers, but also for all men who appreciate classic shaving methods and high-quality accessories that make daily beard care easier. It will certainly make a great gift for any bearded man on many occasions.

Key product features:

  • Solidly made from the highest quality natural cowhide.
  • The belt is fitted with durable and strong rivets, a handle at one end, a practical carabiner for hanging at the other end and a hook for mounting on the wall.
  • Single sided belt, factory prepared for use - does not require impregnation.
  • Elegant design and careful workmanship.
  • It is possible to sharpen a straight razor using polishing pastes.


  • Belt material: natural cowhide
  • Fittings material: nickel plated metal


  • Length of working surface: 500 mm
  • Total length: 660 mm
  • Width: 50 mm

How to use:

  1. Hang the belt on a wall-mounted hook or attach it anywhere using a carabiner.
  2. Pull it tight by holding the handle at the other end.
  3. Guide the razor blade by moving it away from you with the blade pointing towards you and towards you with the blade pointing out.


  • Leather belt
  • A set of four polishing pastes and wax with applicators
  • Hook with screws
  • Case closed with a zipper

Paste gradation:

  • red - medium (medium) 2000; 4-5 microns
  • white - low (fine) 5000; 2.0-2.5 microns
  • green - very fine 8000; 0.9-1.1 microns
  • black - ultra low (ultra fine) 12000; 0.4- 0.6 microns

Paste weight: 7g/pcs.

Balm weight: 5ml

Bacher sharpening and polishing belts are available in three sizes.

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