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Oil for wooden cutting boards and kitchen worktops 500 ml

Oil for wooden cutting boards and kitchen worktops 500 ml

High quality oil for wood care. Maintains and protects cutting boards, wooden worktops and furniture, as well as bowls, spoons and other kitchen accessories and toys made of wood and bamboo. The oil can also be used as an impregnation to refresh the appearance of granite sinks.

Regular maintenance with wood oil will prolong the life of wooden surfaces and objects and ensure that the wood retains its beautiful, original appearance for a long time. It also provides effective protection against dirt, damage and warping.

Advantages of wood oil:

  • Penetrates deeply into the wood, impregnating its surface and protecting it from moisture and dirt,
  • Prevents cracking, drying and shrinking of the wood, keeping it in shape and in good condition for a long time,
  • Enhances the natural colour of the wood and brings out the grain,
  • Creates a coating that facilitates the cleaning of wooden surfaces and does not crack or delaminate,
  • Prolongs the life of wood products and surfaces,
  • Used on granite sinks, it refreshes, shines and deepens the colour of the surface,
  • Convenient to use,
  • Totally safe for humans, animals and plants,
  • Tasteless and odourless.

How to use:

1. Apply a layer of oil to a clean and dry wood surface and distribute evenly with the supplied cloth.
2. Wait for the oil to absorb.
3. Use regularly every few weeks.

When first used, apply several coats to impregnate and protect the wood surface.

Contents: 500ml

The oil is supplied with a chamois cloth to apply the product to wooden surfaces.

Provides hydrophobic properties

Protects the wood from absorbing moisture. "Raw" wood absorbs water, whereas on a board covered with a layer of oil, the water does not penetrate deeply and remains on the surface of the wood.

For best results, impregnate your cutting board with Bacher Cutting Board Oil and treat it regularly with Bacher Cutting Board Conditioner.

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