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Whetstones with base for knife sharpening systems, set of 8 pcs. system stones + leather strop + honing compounds

Whetstones with base for knife sharpening systems, set of 8 pcs. system stones + leather strop + honing compounds

Set consisting of 8 pieces of replaceable whetstones for sharpening systems, leather strop for polishing the blade and four polishing pastes .

All stones are made of high quality corundum. The aluminium base on which each stone is placed ensures easy installation and solid mounting on the system sharpener. The stones are designed for wet sharpening – soak in water for 5-10 minutes before sharpening.

Bacher stones are distinguished by both quality and size - they are 25 mm wide. This is the American standard for system stones. Unlike Chinese sharpeners which use 20 mm stones. Of course, our system stones are also interchangeable with 20 mm stones, but the larger size means an increase in the sharpening speed and stone life of up to 25%!

The set includes stones with the following gradations:

  • 120
  • 320
  • 600
  • 1000
  • 1500
  • 3000
  • 6000
  • 8000

These gradations make it possible to sharpen very dull knives, to remove micro-cracks and scratches formed on knives during daily use (from 120 to 600), to sharpen, smooth and polish the blade daily (from 1000 to 3000) and finish the sharpening process and make the blade extremely sharp (from 6000 to 8000).

The stone set is suitable for sharpening systems such as: Apex, Ganzo, Ruixin, Pro Edge, Kazak, KKmoon and others.

The stones can also be used for hand sharpening.

Thanks to its small size, the stone fits easily into a trouser pocket or backpack, allowing you to take it practically anywhere and extending its range of use. A stone used outside the home is perfect for manual knife sharpening in all conditions.

Leather strop for polishing after sharpening

The set also includes a leather strop which allows the blade to be thoroughly polished after sharpening to achieve maximum sharpness. The strop is made of 3 mm thick vegetable-tanned cowhide.

Together with the strop and a set of four polishing pastes, this is a practical set for the final stage of the sharpening process. The use of polishing paste enhances the polishing effect, giving it a sharp edge, mirror smoothness and high lustre, as well as preventing discolouration and rusting. By polishing the blade, we remove all the scratches and burrs created during the sharpening process. The pastes have been specially developed for use on leather strops. They are soft and easy to use. They are used to apply the pastes and applicators included in the kit.

ATTENTION: To soften the paste, it can be placed in hot water for a while before use.

Technical data - stones:

  • Grades: 120, 320, 600, 1000, 1500, 3000, 6000, 8000
  • Gradation standard: JIS (R6001)
  • Stone length: 150 mm
  • Stone width: 25 mm
  • Stone height: 5 mm
  • Aluminium base height: 4 mm
  • Intended use: steel knives, cleavers, machetes, pocket knives, chisels, scissors
  • Abrasive material: corundum

Technical data - leather strop:

  • Material: natural cowhide, aluminium
  • Length: 150 mm
  • Width: 25 mm
  • Leather strap height: 3 mm
  • Aluminum base height: 4 mm

Paste gradation:

  • Red - Medium (2000)
  • White - Fine (5000)
  • Green - Wery fine (8000)
  • Black - Ultra fine (12000)

Paste weight: 7g/pcs.


  • Stones 8 pcs.
  • Leather strop 1 pc.
  • Polishing pastes 4 pcs.
  • Polishing paste applicators 4 pcs.

Waterstone grading

There are several standards for determining the abrasive grit in sharpening stones. The most commonly used are Japanese industrial standard (JIS R6001), American (ANSI) and European (FEPA F and FEPA P).

Unfortunately, most sharpening stone manufacturers do not specify the standard according to which their products are marked. In many cases, the gradation designation is only an estimate. Bacher stone sharpeners have a certified grit size according to the Japanese standard JIS R6001.

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